Multi Vehicle Downloading Device


Multi Vehicle Downloading Device

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Unit for downloading data from digital tachographs. Downloads data both from vehicle units (VUs) and from driver cards (DCs) inserted in VUs.

The Lisle Design Digidown has three controls:

All VU - pressing this causes the Digidown to download all the data stored in the VU.
Latest VU - pressing this causes the Digidown to download only the latest data within the VU.
Card - pressing this causes the Digidown to download the data from the driver card (if any) inserted into the VU.

During operation the three LEDs by the buttons indicate the progress of the download activities. The downloaded data is stored in the SD memory card inserted in the Digidown.

80 x 40 x 20mm

Approx 60g

Cable Lengths:
Integral download cable – 200mm
USB upload cable – 2m

Memory Card Capacity:
2GBytes ready-formatted memory card supplied as standard


There is a requirement to download data from digital tachograph vehicle units (VUs). In order to do this an appropriate piece of equipment must be connected to the download connector on the front of the VU, and then the data within the VU can be transferred (downloaded) to the download equipment.